Our laser cutting machines offer several advantages including high repeatability, guaranteed part reproduction, and a narrow kerf. The non-contact cutting method also enables us to fabricate parts with minimal distortion and consistent, burr-free cuts, thereby reducing the need for subsequent finishing operations. Our laser cutters can process metal sheets up to 5′ x 10′ in size. As there is no tooling required, these laser cutting services are economical and delay-free options for customers.

Cardboard is a great choice when creating prototypes of designs, as it is inexpensive and cuts quickly. Creating structures from corrugated cardboard can be a great way to test out complex designs because slotting, stacking and folding shapes all work well to create 3D forms. This modern and motivational art piece from Etsy shopCabin will inspire you to have a beautiful day.

Acceleration and deceleration must be taken into account when considering laser cutting efficiency. Die cut part production is one manufacturing application for which laser cutting may serve as an alternative solution to mechanical cutting processes, such as flatbed die cutting or rotary die cutting. As illustrated in Table 5, above, laser cutting offers capabilities for higher precision and faster prototyping. While die cutting is capable of producing precision parts to an extent, laser cutting offers even tighter tolerances for more intricate designs and patterns. Additionally, laser cutting is more cost-effective for prototyping and design adjustments as the process does not require the creation of separate die components to test out new designs.

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To gain even more flexibility, laser cutting can be combined with plasma cutting. With fusion cutting, the material is heated by the laser beam up to the melting point and forced out of the kerf by a high-pressure stream of cutting gas . As with sublimation cutting, an inert gas, usually nitrogen, is used to force the molten material out of the cut. These are sublimation cutting; flame-cutting, also known as oxygen cutting; and fusion cutting. Because of its small focus spot, laser cutting is known for its high accuracy.

This laser cutter comes as a full disassembled set, so if you like DIY projects, you’ll enjoy this. The 300 and 500 MW versions are incapable of cutting, so make sure you at least get the 2.5W laser module or higher. Overall, the 3018 CNC PRO laser cutter is not as powerful as K-40 laser cutters, but the low price and ability to upgrade it makes it a great budget option.

Their client base consists of enterprises of all sizes, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies. This report presents a detailed picture of the market by the way of study, synthesis, and summation of data from multiple sources by an analysis of key parameters. Loading and offloading of the machine-parts is done by pallet changer table. Nukon-Germany Bimo FSC is used with this machine which ensures easy operation as well as convenient maintenance. This machine can be operated with IPG 2000W or 1000 W resonators. With low power consumption, it is user-friendly as well as environmentally efficient.

The development of 3D laser-cutting machines has significantly reduced the processing time for many applications that are cut with traditional technologies. Depending on the material in use, the process can also emit harmful and toxic gasses, so employing regulation-compliant air pollution control equipment is crucial. Additionally, since the beam is the only tool that touches the workpiece, there’s no mechanical friction causing tool wear in the process. Ablative laser cutting uses rapid pulses from a high-intensity laser to remove material a layer at a time. This process actually evaporates rather than melts, and therefore doesn’t require pressurized gas to remove excess material.

Our in-house service team has carefully inspected and refurbished our used machines to ensure quality and value to your shop. Many of our used machines also come with factory-certified warranties. See our current list of used laser cutting systems for sale here.