Whether it’s fat or thin, there will be their own troubles. Fat people are thin, thin people want to be fat. If you choose to exercise to increase muscle, for fat people, full muscles are easy to exercise out, but for the thin, you may take three times the time to fight with fat!

Many people may think that fat people are more difficult to practice muscle than thin ones. In fact, on the contrary, the probability of fat men to practice as muscle men is much higher than that of thin men.

This is because most of the thin is a kind of lean constitution with bad intestines and stomach. That is to say, the basic metabolism of the body is not good, and the food that is not fully absorbed is discharged from the body. This is why the thin person can not practice muscles all the time, because the food can not be absorbed and utilized well, which leads to the body fat and muscle content too little.

Fat and thin people are fit for the same year. Why is fat easy to become a muscle man?

First, the difference of absorption best fitness equipment and metabolism between fat and thin

Many thin because of its own is easy to thin constitution, for food digestion is faster, nutrition in the body of thin has not been able to digest, immediately be metabolized. So it’s very difficult for skinners to get muscle, and what they’re going to do is how to absorb more nutrients to boost their muscles.

Fat people are more likely to absorb food. To be a muscular male, first, we should reduce the body fat rate, the intake of fitness food, and then go to the gym for 2-3 hours every day. You can see obvious muscle lines in no time.

Fat people do not metabolize themselves fast, and heat is easy to accumulate, resulting in a body of fat. So fat people do not lack heat during the process of muscle synthesis and growth. Instead, they have enough heat to burn the muscles, so they actually increase their muscles faster than skinny ones.

Second, fat people have the natural muscle enhancement advantage

Fat people have enough fat, enough calories and rich nutrition. These are necessary in the process of muscle enhancement.

Once fat people strengthen their fitness, they will improve their metabolism ability, and then they can achieve the function of reducing fat. During the process of fat reduction, fat people increase strength training, which will reduce muscle loss, which will help the muscle to grow slightly. In addition, fat people will be more developed and large in muscle growth.

Third, the difference of muscle between fat and thin

See thin, you will feel they are malnourished? Many thin people are easy to thin constitution, he can say that there is no excess fat.

Such a thin, muscle will be more dry out of training, muscle is difficult to practice in a short time very full, strong.

Some fat people are fat people of muscle type, that is, muscles grow at the same time with fat, so they belong to the stronger fat.

So, if they do exercise, they can say that they can get out of their body in six months.

Fourth, the difference of muscle increasing mentality between fat and thin

Have you ever heard people say that fat people are more happy because fat people are fat, but they can keep a good attitude.

In the process of fitness training, even if fat people feel very tired and difficult, they know that it is a victory to survive. Once there was a weight loss training camp, which had a 680 Jin fat man, after a long time of efforts to reduce to 230 Jin. This road, is all by his extraordinary perseverance and optimistic mentality.

Compared with thin, in fact, thin people are more sentimental and easier to give up. So the thin muscle more twists and turns, in the fitness road will have a variety of unpleasant appearance.

In conclusion, in terms of fitness and muscle enhancement, fat people do have a lot more advantages than thin ones.