With the continuous development of China’s agriculture, agricultural machinery technology has also been progressing. At present, China’s agriculture is developing in the direction of mechanization and intelligence, the purpose of which is to make agricultural production efficiency improved, so as to further improve the economic benefits of agriculture. This paper now discusses the application and development of new technologies in agricultural machinery, the details of which are as follows.

  Collect the use of new technology and new technology in agricultural machinery in recent years, analyze the problems and possible problems in the use of new technology.

  1 The current application of new technologies in agricultural machinery

  1.1 Artificial intelligence technology

  Artificial intelligence is the focus of current social science and technology research, artificial intelligence has been commonly used in electronics, electrical appliances and other industries, such as intelligent floor sweepers, smart phones, intelligent TVs, etc. And these artificial intelligence technologies are also gradually applied to agricultural production, and agricultural machinery facilities, the application of intelligence, electronic information and other technologies continue to increase.

Especially in countries with high degree of agricultural mechanization, artificial intelligence technology has been commonly applied. The application of artificial intelligence technology helps to reduce the cost of agricultural production, can reduce the level of pollution, and can make agricultural machinery production operations more accurate. Users are more convenient and comfortable when using the machinery with artificial intelligence technology.

  1.2 Robotics

  Domestic and foreign research experts have never stopped working on robotics, but robots instead of human beings have been realized in many industries, for example, in many manufacturers in China, robots are used instead of simple manual operations, making a significant increase in production efficiency. Although this aspect of technology is still in the research stage in China’s agriculture, the application of this technology has an important role in the development of agriculture.

  1.3 Automatic control technology

  Machinery automation control technology is a widely used technology in agriculture, and the application of this technology effectively improves the efficiency of agricultural production. In agricultural production, automatic control technology can be adjusted automatically according to the actual situation of agriculture to reduce the amount of manual operation, such as in vegetable greenhouse planting, automatic control technology can automatically adjust the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse to ensure that the vegetable growth environment is suitable.

  1.4 Three-dimensional parametric drawing software technology

  Three-dimensional parametric drawing software is a technology with a wide range of applications in the market, and in agriculture has also begun to apply this technology. At present, many agricultural machinery enterprises in China have started to use CAD technology for the design of agricultural machinery facilities, especially the design and manufacture of belly expansion surface parts with high precision requirements, and certain results have been achieved, but the use of CAD is still not enough, and continuous in-depth research is needed.

  1.5 Computer vision technology

  Computer vision technology applied to agricultural machinery is mainly for inspection of agricultural products such as quality grading. Computer vision technology is a technology developed on the basis of image processing technology, visual simulation technology, etc. At present, the technology is effectively applied in agricultural machinery harvesting, seeding, etc.

  1.6 Hydraulic technology

  Hydraulic technology is a technology based on industrial sensing technology and microelectronics technology. After the application of this technology in agricultural machinery, the efficiency of mechanical energy conversion is effectively improved, and the system efficiency is greatly enhanced. Agricultural machinery system dynamics, dynamic features continue to highlight, and with the continuous improvement of hydraulic technology data collection and disposal, fault supervision technology and other technologies, agricultural machinery more scientific, accurate, and help the development of agricultural environmental protection work.

  2 Development trend of new agricultural machinery technology

  2.1 High-tech development direction

  With the continuous development of agricultural machinery, various new technologies are constantly applied in agricultural machinery, and the scope of application is expanding, and the level of agricultural machinery technology is improving. With the continuous progress of various types of science and technology in society, agricultural machinery will develop in the direction of high-tech, through the use of artificial intelligence technology, automatic control technology, computer vision technology, etc. to make agricultural machinery more accurate, so that the ability of agricultural machinery to significantly improve the operation, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving agricultural production efficiency.

  2.2 High-quality development direction

  With the application of new technologies in agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery production quality and operational efficiency will continue to rise. Agricultural machinery design and manufacturing process, will apply modern science and technology such as CAD technology, can improve the precision and accuracy of agricultural machinery design, help improve the quality of agricultural machinery products. Agricultural machinery in the design and manufacturing process, design engineers will pay more attention to the overall functionality and appearance of agricultural machinery products.

Such as in the functional aspects, the internal configuration of agricultural machinery devices more scientific and reasonable, the performance of components more excellent, can significantly improve the functionality of mechanical products; in the appearance of manufacturing, the first mechanical and chemical treatment of the external surface of mechanical products, followed by the use of high-quality paint, this way can effectively improve the durability of paint, color and brightness better. With the development of agriculture, people’s requirements for the quality of agricultural machinery will also be higher and higher.

  2.3 Sustainable development direction

  Sustainable development is an important direction for the development of all walks of life, agriculture is also developing in this direction. Agricultural machinery application of a variety of new technologies to help improve agricultural production efficiency and environmental protection, such as the use of artificial intelligence technology, the operation of agricultural machinery more accurate, can avoid unnecessary waste of resources, can improve the utilization of agricultural resources, and the operation is more simple and convenient, making production efficiency.

  3 the promotion and support of new technologies in agricultural machinery

  The government of each region should pay attention to the promotion of new technologies of agricultural machinery, carry out training on new technologies of agricultural machinery, and use multimedia and other forms to show the characteristics of new technologies of agricultural machinery. For the purchase of agricultural machinery, the government can provide certain subsidies, such as the purchase of rice transplanters, tractors, straw returning machines, etc., to strengthen the promotion of agricultural machinery, so as to promote the development of agricultural mechanization.


  China is a large agricultural country, and although our industrial economy is developing, agriculture is still an important part of the socio-economic development.

At present, there is a large gap between the development of China’s urban and rural economies, and continuously improving the economic efficiency of agricultural production is still the focus of promoting balanced social and economic development, for which China also needs to strengthen the level of agricultural machinery and continuously apply new technologies to improve the efficiency of agricultural production, so as to promote the development of agriculture.