In the training of muscle olympic weight bumper plates enhancement, there is a training method which is very popular. It can give our muscles enough metabolic pressure, muscle congestion, and achieve better muscle enhancement effect!

He’s the decreasing super group training!

Decrement supergroup:

Good understanding: weight decline, between groups of non rest composition of super group! After 3-4 decline, let your muscles full stimulation!

But the training of the decreasing group is not so simple, it is not easy to lose weight, nor is the next group lighter than the previous group called the decreasing group!

The following are the key points of the three weight reduction training methods:

1. adhere to medium and high load

When you do weight reduction training, please keep it in the high weight range of 4-12rm to maintain the range of high intensity muscle strength training.

You can choose the training objectives based on times or weight (for example, maintain at least 8 times after each decline or 85% load of maximum strength per decreasing group) as long as the internal force is exhausted in a range of at least 4 times and up to 12.

2. effective decreasing load level

According to NSCA weight training load gap scale, it is suggested that the upper limb is reduced by 2.5-10 pounds; the lower extremity is 5-15 pounds lower extremity decline. Systematic decline mode can help to master the training amount and intensity.

3. try to do it without lifting it

The most important key of weight decreasing training method is to train muscles to exhaustion in the number of decreasing groups of 3-4 groups. Please set the intensity and load of the curriculum according to its target.

After the number of the third group begins to decline, pay special attention to the stability of the action and core, and do not lose the quality of the action

matters needing attention:

Generally, in the operation decreasing group, it is suggested that someone can help to dismantle the weight. On the one hand, it can help to maintain the safety of the operator, on the other hand, it can reduce the rest time, train the energy system, improve the cardiorespiratory function and the body’s ability of lactate resistance.

If you are training yourself, you can also prepare different weights in advance, such as three dumbbells. Can also consider using combination dumbbell as a decreasing group, not only can remove the bar piece also does not occupy space, convenient many!

Finally, it is also important to remind you that the decline group is very fierce at first, but it is not suitable for daily training. Because in the process of replacing weight, it is not easy to maintain the quality of the movement. Moreover, the decreasing group is quite energy consuming and physical energy consuming, and the operation time should not be too long (in fact, it can not be too long).

Especially if you are too anxious, you will easily form damage! Therefore, we will suggest that you should use the decreasing group training once a week.

In addition, this training method is not suitable for novice operation. It is better to wait for stable movement, have heavy training experience and physical strength foundation, and try again will be better.