With the rapid development of scientific and technological progress, China is now in a dominant state in the scientific and technological manufacturing industry. For the present, the automated production flow of various large machines can replace manual completion, which brings a lot of convenience and saves a lot of time. With the passage of time, mechanized manufacturing will even step into another new period.

  1 Background

  With the continuous development of science, the design of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation are from newborn to mature, and then slowly perfected. When with the development and perfection of electronic information technology, advanced electronic information technology and the resulting automatic controller, combined with mechanical design, thus producing a computer-controlled automation without manual control.

The adoption of mechanical automation not only provides sufficient productivity for the production needs of contemporary society, but also reduces the workload of manual production and makes human work much less intensive. The most intuitive result of the use of mechanical automation has been to increase productivity and production, and more importantly, to enable other industries to follow accordingly.

Mechanical automation technology, the earliest from the 20th century in the 1920s, in the development process of the last century, are foreign advanced technology to lead the development, in the development of China, the use of mechanical automation technology is far from replacing manual, thus making the application of the uneven distribution of industry, mechanical design industry is lower level, so China’s mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation development is far behind the developed countries.

  Therefore, with the development of science, the rise of high-tech industry development, China’s mechanical design and manufacturing is far from keeping up with the manufacturing requirements of high-tech industry needs, on the one hand, mechanical design and manufacturing backwardness, the other most important aspect is the precision of high-tech industrial equipment. Like the development of electronic information technology, the mechanical design and manufacturing requirements have been to the naked eye difficult to measure between the millimeter, and backward mechanical design and manufacturing has become a limitation of technology, economic and social development of the short board, on the contrary, the pioneering manufacturing technology has become the most powerful guarantee of social development.

  (1) mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation characteristics.

Mechanical design and manufacturing in the use of a variety of industry sectors, are reflected in an advanced, in line with the needs of green development, not only in the functionalization, efficiency, materials, energy use to continue to meet the production needs of society, more diversified high-tech development needs to provide adequate protection.

The difference with the traditional design and manufacturing industry, is that modern machinery manufacturing design technology is mainly reflected in two aspects: humane, intelligent. And in order to fully meet the production needs, machinery design and manufacturing of automated machinery and equipment is the integration of a variety of technologies.

However, no matter what mechanical equipment, there must be some degree of its own limitations, and this, precisely to mechanical design and manufacturing according to product functionality and product-specific use to design the product’s function.

Therefore, intelligent and humanized mechanical design and manufacturing is not roughly add up the technology, but to combine the specific characteristics of the integration of technology and the use of technology.

  (2) mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation advantages.

a recent national requirements of China from the traditional processing manufacturing industry to the transformation and development of high-tech industries, compared to the advanced machinery manufacturing and its automation industry in developed countries, China is still at a relatively backward level, so China’s machinery manufacturing and its automation industry in the domestic market demand is great, compared to the price of mature foreign technology, domestic technology at favorable prices.

b the face of increasingly high domestic labor costs, the cost of machinery automation with the maturity of machinery manufacturing technology is increasingly reduced, the automation of machinery and equipment and intelligent work, greatly improve production efficiency and production quality, and mechanical production, can be efficient and rapid production in any harsh environment.

c with the combination of electronic information technology machinery manufacturing automation, in the event of a fault can be based on the program’s self-test, directly point out the fault, to take self-protection function, compared with traditional machinery manufacturing to reduce the work failure detection and maintenance, to provide stability and reliability of production, but also greatly reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.

d increasingly sophisticated mechanical design and manufacturing operation process is simple, just enter the appropriate instructions, production can be automated, but also because of its composite function, to meet the different development needs of various industries.

  2 mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation development direction

  (1) the intelligence of machinery. Today’s society, the development of intelligent machinery is the main development direction of society, mechanical automation technology development is intelligent as the main development direction. Intelligent not only applied to the design and production of mechanical products, the most important application is to improve the automation of mechanical design and production, improve the technological content of mechanical design and manufacturing. For example, the improvement of social construction technology, the requirements of engineering construction machinery is greatly improved.

Therefore, intelligent construction machinery can troubleshoot according to the intelligent system, thus greatly improving the production efficiency of intelligent machinery is the future direction of development of the machinery industry.

  (2) Mechatronics. Electromechanical integration, refers to the mechanical collection of electronic information technology, traditional mechanical design technology is the mechanical and electronic technology to separate the two, and the future, the machinery industry will be a combination of mechanical and electronic information technology as one, to truly achieve mechatronic integration.

  (3) the modularity of machinery. With the development of mechanical automation, automated product production business increased, the development and development of industry standards for product units becomes particularly important. Only the development of industry standards, the rapid use of standardized research and development, production products, but also for the industry to expand the scale of the basis. Modular to the production of machinery for the enterprise, is a standardization of the development of the industry, the basis for the industry to bring a good development environment.

  3 Mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation technology development

  (1) The development of mechanical automation technology needs to focus on the practical. Application, is the meaning of manufacturing technology. In particular, the development of mechanical automation technology, but also to the needs of social production, conditions as the leading, only the use of appropriate technology, manufacturing the corresponding automated production, is the pursuit of technical efficiency and cost effectiveness of enterprises.

  (2) the development of low-cost mechanical automation technology. As the research and development technology requires a lot of investment and time, therefore, the pursuit of low-cost automation technology, is the market and the needs of the country, as long as it is a small investment, quick results of technology, can be judged to consider whether the market prospects, only in this way, the fastest way to form a cycle of technological development.

  (3) the development of supporting machinery automation technology. Mechanical automation technology, not a single production of a machine, but mechanical production as the theme, so as to integrate a variety of such as electronic information technology, automatic control theory, micro-technology, etc., so that mechanical automation technology to form a supporting, only then, is the main technical basis for mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation design.

  4 Conclusion

  Mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation design in the future direction of human development is intelligent and humane development, only in this way, to enhance the safety and reliability of machinery manufacturing. Although the development of a broad space, but according to China’s current machinery manufacturing technology from the top of the technology is still a gap, only to continue to overcome the technical problems, to improve, in order to truly step into the forefront of the world, leading the world’s future machinery manufacturing industry.