Common applications include laser engraving serial numbers, date codes, 2D data matrices, barcodes, manufacturing codes, material flow, graphics, logos, and more. The laser engraving and marking of metals is a very precise and clean form of metal processing. Advertising material or signs made of metal can be cost-effectively and permanently refined with texts, logos or images. The annealing marking ensures an acid-, chemical- and corrosion-resistant marking without damaging the metal surface. This question is often asked when using laser markers, yet the depth of a mark can differ greatly depending on the marker type, the parameters, and the material being marked. For example, the depth when marking plastics can be easily controlled and varied from shallow marks to cutting films .

There’s quite a few advantages laser has when comparing it to other possible methods. Yes, you can take a photo by using a camera and then load the photo to the software directly and engrave it. You can design all your artworks in these two software and then send to the RDWorks software to set the parameters easily. If your material is not in the below list, our Applications Team would be happy to assist you to test it.

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Each online product has been carefully tested and selected by REWA masters to meet daily repair business needs. Fill out the form to receive free engraved samples and a full product line brochure. Create a jig into which you can place your parts and engrave hundreds of barcodes at one time. Laser Cutting Plywood Snowflakes For personal holiday decorations or part of your seasonal product offerings, these snowflakes are easy to make and impressively intricate. For personal holiday decorations or part of your seasonal product offerings, these snowflakes are easy to make and impressively intricate. To access Schleuniger product manuals you must be a current customer of Schleuniger.

It is important to always choose reputable companies with excellent review from past clients; machine warranty and availability of spare parts. While rotary engraving can be very precise, the design of the engraving can is usually very thin. Also, the bit itself needs to be replaced when it gets worn out. Traditional rotary engraving cannot be used on delicate items that are sensitive to heat and pressure. You cannot engrave any jewelry that is made with plastic or glass, because those materials can be damaged with rotary engraving. Laser marking technology provides total design freedom that allows for the accurate marking of any design on gold jewelry such as; logos, small alphanumeric characters, texts, or photo designs.

Plan ahead of time and choose one which meets your requirements. Find out why Diageo Baileys chose the Videojet high performance CO2 lasers for their bottled labels and outer cases. We are backed by solid experience which ensures that the technology offered is future proof, cost efficient and accurate. Robots used for multiple operations can be leveraged by opting for an open-air design, where the robot moves parts between stations and hold them during marking. When marking anodized aluminum, you can either mark the bare aluminum or the anodized layer .

Cutting through the paint of a metal part is generally how material is laser engraved. Dollar-for-dollar returns are a pipe dream if you invest in features that are of no use to your business. Touch base with Thunder Laser USA — you won’t find a more robust Laser Engraving and Etching Machine anywhere. We give you laser cutters and engravers for precision production on glass, rubber, wood, leather & metals.